Our furniture is assembled with an imported iron fitting developed by an expert staff. The fitting system is carefully constructed and quality tested to be smooth operating, thumb easy handling and durable. We offer a wide variety of convertible furniture such as power recliners, sofas with a TV and Bed position, plus custom made sectionals.

The core of our construction is Baltic Birch, which is grown only in Nordic areas and due to the extreme cold it is slow growing and therefore the hardest wood in the world. This is why we offer  a 10 years guarantee on the durability of all wooden Dileto furniture frames.

We use a sinuous coil system along with a European technology that is strong, quiet and will outlast eight-way hand tied furniture. As with most leaders in any industry there are always those that are at the helm of innovation.

We use Ultracel Foam in our cushions.  The foam cushioning is manufactured without fluorocarbons, which are believed to have an adverse effect on the earth’s ozone layer.  Ultracel Foam has high density, spring back resilience and is very durable. It retains its shape, holds fabric coverings taut and resists the “sag set” that can occur with many grades of conventional cushioning. Beauty is more than skin deep with long-lasting Ultracel Foam underneath.

We use only the best genuine leather. We carefully inspect each delivery of leather ourselves before acceptance. We offer exclusively Top Grain and Full Grain leather. “Top grain” leather is the top 3/64″ of a hide. Because of its strength and beauty, this supple layer is the standard of upholstery leather. Occasionally, top grain leathers are buffed or sanded to remove excess markings, such as scars. This process also removes the beautiful natural grain found in leather. On the other hand, “full grain” leather is a top grain hide which has not been buffed or sanded. The grain and natural markings, which many consider the hallmarks of fine leather, remain. Because it is the most beautiful and sensuous of all top grain leathers, “full grain” leather is the premier leather grade. Full grain hides are more expensive, due to their supple feel, tremendous strength, and superior durability.

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